Summer Yoga

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Summer Yoga can be great; however, lovely summer days offer challenges to our yoga practice.

Question: Who wants to be inside doing yoga when we can be outside soaking up the sun?

Answer:  Do yoga outside.

The sun shining down as you ease from one pose to another, the gentle sound of the sea, the fragrance of summer flowers …. ok, maybe that sounds more like California than the UK, but we do have the odd nice day when we can drag our yoga mats outside: the garden, the park, the patio. Give it a try.

Some of us have different things on our mind in June, July and August, namely summer holidays.  Sun, sea and sand are waiting to be enjoyed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find time to do yoga.  Yoga on the beach is wonderful?  If you’re a fan of meditating to sound, focusing on the waves is truly beautiful.  Not going to the beach, the garden works just as well.

We don’t always have great summers in the UK, so really try and make the most of those sunny days and embrace yoga in the open air. If it’s good enough for Californians …




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