Laura’s Vinyasa Flow classes link poses together allowing the body to ease through different planes of movement; stretching, twisting and balancing the body.  Options are given for all poses to allow you to work to your own level and make intelligent choices with regards to how you move your body.

Different breathing and meditation techniques are used to balance the mind and still the body; however, if you struggle with calming your busy mind, the flowing movements of the class act as a moving mediation in themselves, helping you to improve your inner focus and concentration.



VENUE: Elephant Rooms, 36 South St, Draycott, DE72 3PP

(formerly the Beetroot Tree Gallery)

Relaxed Morning Yoga

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday : 9.30am – 10.30am

For complete beginners, people new to exercise, or yoga students who prefer a more relaxed, gentle practice, this gentle flow yoga may be just for you

Beginners’ Level


Twilight Yoga

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday : 6.00pm – 7.00pm  

A class that helps you unwind after your day and calm the mind and body ready for a restful evening

Open to all levels

(Although not suitable for those recovering from injury or illness)


Please email me to book a class at the Elephant Rooms as spaces are limited


£6.00 drop-in price or Block of 6 classes for £30 (one class free)

Blocks are valid for 8 weeks from week of purchase and can be used for any Penn Yoga classes in Draycott

(Blocks are not valid at the Yoga Breakfast Club or any Penn Yoga Workshops)


The Yoga Breakfast Club

7.30-8.30am – Wake-Up Yoga

8.30am – 9.00am – Healthy light breakfast

£8.00 – All Levels Welcome 

The Breakfast Club is a gentle morning wake-up yoga class that will be popping up now and again on Saturday mornings at the Elephant Rooms in Draycott.

Look out for the ads a week in advance.  A great way to ease yourself into the weekend.

Classes may be in the Studio or Garden, depending on the weather.

Open to All Levels


Gentle Chair Yoga

 Monday : 9.30am-10.30am

VENUE:  Methodist Church Hall, 2 Derwent Street, Draycott, DE72 3NF

Gentle Chair Yoga is an exercise class that uses a chair as a prop to support the body. It is for those wanting to experience the health benefits of a gentle, relaxing form of yoga, particularly mature people, individuals rehabilitating after injury or illness, or those new to exercise.

The class is open to everyone : ladies and gents, all ages, all levels of mobility.  The aim of the class is to gently move every area of the body, from the head to the toes. Keeping the muscles and joints moving and flexible is essential to maintain a healthy body and allow for better mobility.

What do you wear?  Any clothes that allow you to move the body in comfort.  Trousers for ladies would probably be more comfortable, but are not essential.

Come along and give it a go, no booking required, you drop in whenever you are free. For more information or queries, please email me through my contacts page.

INVESTMENT:  £6.00 a Session (£5.00 for OAPs)


Please note that you must have your doctor’s permission to begin exercise if you are recovering from illness or injury.

Sunday Yoga in Draycott

Sunday – 11am – 12pm at Draycott Scout Hut, Draycott, DE72 3NP

Do you sit down at work all week? Do you need to get your body moving again? Or do you just need to stretch out the body and relax the mind after a busy weekend?  Whether you are new to yoga or know your way around a yoga mat, all are welcome to this Sunday morning yoga class. Options are given for all poses to allow each student to work to their own level.

Yoga mats are available to borrow, but you will need to reserve one through my contact page. Look forward to seeing you…

INVESTMENT: £6.00 a session (drop-in)



Power Flow Yoga

University of Derby Sports Centre

(Sports centre members only)

Wednesday – 7am – 8am


One to One Yoga Sessions

I offer private One-to-One Yoga sessions to help students enhance their yoga practice, or to experience yoga for the first time. Each student will have their own specific needs and I will be happy to discuss these with you in order to design a personal programme to meet your individual requirements.

I also offer private yoga sessions for between two and five people if you would like to come as a small group.

Private sessions take place at the Elephant Rooms Wellbeing Centre in Draycott.

Please contact me for more details and information on rates and availability – contact Laura.

Corporate Yoga

Corporate yoga classes offer a modern and logical solution for forward-thinking organisations wanting to promote the fitness and well-being of their staff to help improve productivity and reduce absences. It can help staff learn to embrace change, manage stress and pressurised schedules, leading to a calmer, fitter, happier workforce.

You will need to provide a quiet, open space suitable for a yoga class; I can provide up to 12 yoga mats, so you don’t need to supply any equipment. Classes can be 45 minutes or one hour long. You can book a session any week day between 7am and 5.30pm, depending on availability.

Please contact me for more details and information on rates and availability – contact Laura.





Saturday 12th May : 2.00pm – 4.00pm

Venue: Elephant Rooms, 36 South St, Draycott, DE72 3PP

As we rush around in our busy worlds taking care of others, we often forget the importance of taking the time to look after ourselves: taking the time to attend to our own self-care.

This workshop is designed to give you two hours to yourself for some very important self-care. Two hours to REVITALISE your mind and body with yoga and breathing techniques to help invigorate the body. Two hours to REJUVENATE your senses and care for yourself with a gentle meditation to promote feelings of peaceful calm and relaxation.

Are you thinking that you can’t spare two hours for some well-deserved self-care; then this workshop really is for you…

Take time to care for yourself to REVITALISE and REJUVENATE your mind and body, so that taking care of others and dealing with your busy world becomes so much easier.

Self-Care is completed with Refreshments and Cakes

Open to all levels: Investment in your self-care is £15.00

To book a space please email:
Prepayment required. Refunds are only available before 28th April.

A donation will be made from the profits to ‘Save Elephant Foundation’

Festive Chill Out Yoga

In the run up to Christmas things can get a little stressed with extra shopping for festive food and presents, Christmas parties and coping with excited kids . . .

We are very good at looking after others, but it is really important to look after yourself first.  If you feel calm and chilled, those around you will also benefit.

So, why not fortify yourself with gentle yoga, breathing and meditation techniques to give you the tools to effectively manage that last (often hectic) week before Christmas.  You will be gently easing your body through different planes of movement to stretch and open the body, helping to alleviate any stress and release tension.   As always, there will be options for all poses to enable you to work to your own level and discover your own sense of ease.

Gentle breathing techniques will also be offered; techniques simple enough to do at home if you need them.  You will experience an eye-cleansing candle gazing kriya, together with a restful meditation.

So why not join me to help ease your way into Christmas at the…

 Elephant Rooms, 36 South Street, Draycott

Monday 18th December 2017 – 7.30pm to 9.30pm

For an hour and a half of yoga, breathing and meditation, followed by festive drinks and delicious cakes

Chill Out Investment:  £15.00

To book a space please email me through my contacts page.

Prepayment  is required to secure your place.  I am happy to offer refunds, but only before 4th December.

A donation will be made from the profits to ‘Save Elephant Foundation’, the charity supported by the Elephant Rooms


Interoceptive Yoga Workshop

Saturday 28th January 2017 – 2.00pm- 3.45pm

Venue: Akasha Yoga Centre, Beeston

Interoception:  Our awareness of what is happening in our own skin, is the key to living in the present moment, not the past, and is a pivotal part of an Interoceptive Yoga Class.

An all-encompassing yoga workshop…

Interoceptive Yoga is a slow and gentle yoga class that will not only gently stretch the body, but also incorporates gentle meditation and breathing techniques to provide you with tools to help you cope with the pressures of our busy world.  It is a gentle, peaceful, thoughtful, non-judgemental approach that offers you the space and opportunity to really listen to your body and respond to what it wants.

When anxiety and stress produce constant chatter in our heads, and trauma prevents us from having a connection with our own bodies, this guiding approach to yoga helps us to reconnect the body and mind, s0 that we can achieve a more natural balance

Interoceptive Yoga benefits anyone who needs the reassurance of knowing you will not be touched, controlled and directed during the class, but are simply invited to move as much, or as little as you want, notice what your body feels and then choose how you wish to respond.

Interoceptive Yoga can be for complete beginners to yoga and exercise, or students who are familiar with yoga who just want to try and gain a better understanding of their own body.


Time: 2.00pm-3.45pm including 1.45 minutes of yoga and relaxation followed by light refreshments should you choose to stay for a drink

Cost: £15.00

Booking: Please email me through my contacts page and I will send you the payment details.

Queries: If you need any information or clarification about Interoceptive Yoga, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Come and enjoy a different approach to yoga: I guide, you decide