Teachers’ Workshop: Being More Trauma-Informed

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A practical guide for teachers and student teachers to help them better understand and support students who are survivors of trauma.

For many people the last year has been traumatic, and looking after our mental health has never been so important.  For people suffering from hidden mental trauma, the pandemic may have been a catalyst for old trauma to resurface, or for new trauma to occur. 

The human body cannot be separated from the emotions we feel: rage, love, fear, joy, terror is all reflected through bodily reactions.  Traumatic memories do not therefore just occur in the mind, they also present as physical or sensory symptoms, or occur in the form of actions, for example as a change in body temperature, or an increase in heart rate, or the need to flight, fight or freeze.

For somatic wellbeing and exercise teachers, it is very important therefore to understand that trauma can be stored in the body and may be unexpectedly released during movement.

So, as we welcome our students back to studios, gyms and community spaces, it is important that as teachers, we have an understanding of how mental trauma may impact our students.

This workshop gives an overview of:

  • Different types of mental trauma.
  • The link between trauma and the body.
  • How trauma may impact an individual.
  • How to help your students feel safe.
  • Self-Care: How to look after yourself.


This workshop is for:

Teachers or student teachers of any yoga, somatic wellbeing and exercise classes who would like a basic understanding of how mental trauma may impact their students.

Venue:                 Online (Recordings Available)

Investment:       £15.00

Date:                     Monday 26th April 2021

Time:                     9.30am to 11.00am

CPD hours:          1.5 Contact hours

Book Your Place Here:

Book Your Place



If you prefer a recording of the workshop, simply book your place below and tick the relevant box in the T&Cs to confirm you want a recording.  Recordings will be sent 24 hours after the live workshop and will be available for three months after that date. 

Please Note

This workshop is solely for professional development. It is not a qualification in trauma-specialism, or intended as an intervention for participants who have experienced trauma.


* * *

Laura is certified to facilitate Trauma Centre, Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) as an adjunctive treatment for Complex Trauma and Treatment-Resistant Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She is trained, certified and supervised by the Centre for Trauma and Embodiment in Boston to ensure the quality of her practice.



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