Relieving Anxiety & Stress – Taking Back Control

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This relieving anxiety & stress workshop aims to help you bring an equilibrium, steadiness and balance back to your life.

We may all feel anxious or stressed sometimes in our lives; perhaps you have suffered a trauma, are trying to cope with grief, or have found the last few years simply overwhelming. Sometimes the prospect of change can make you anxious, or for women entering menopause, changes in your body can also induce anxiety or stress.

Whatever it is that makes you anxious, when your anxiety or stress starts to become all-consuming, learning how to use movement and breathing techniques to take back control of your mind and body can be very useful. Discovering how to use your body and breath to connect with your calming ‘rest and digest’ mode can help to bring your mind and body back to the present moment, helping to ease tension in your body and calm the chatter in your mind. When you are calm, it is so much easier to embrace changes in your life and to re-frame a negative mindset to a much more positive one.

This relieving anxiety & stress yoga workshop offers you the tools to help take back control by offering simple grounding exercises to help you orient yourself into the present moment if your mind is running away with itself. Gentle trauma-informed yoga (on a mat or chair) focuses on empowerment:  offering you the opportunity to decide how to move your own body, perhaps helping to ease any stored tension.  Also, you will practise simple, calming yoga breathing techniques that you can use at home to help calm the chatter of your mind.

This workshop will be available both IN PERSON at Elephant Rooms, and ONLINE – please pick your option when booking.

Please feel free to join Laura for refreshments after the workshop if you have time. 


Date: This workshop will now run in 2023 – date to be confirmed. 

Time: TBC

Venue: Elephant Rooms or Online

Level: Everyone is welcome to this yoga workshop; you do not need to have done any yoga before.
You can choose to use a chair, a yoga mat, or both.


Contact me  if you are interested and you will be the first to get the date:

Concessions are available for this workshop if you are on a low income, are on benefits, or if Covid 19 has adversely affected your income.

Please contact Laura HERE for details before you book.



This workshop is not intended as a trauma recovery offering, or as a medical intervention; it is for students looking for additional tools to help manage anxiety and stress.

If you are dealing with trauma or mental health challenges at this time, please reach out to professionals offering mental health support. If you are experiencing any health issues, please contact your doctor.

Refunds will only be given two weeks before the date of the workshop, please read the T&Cs when booking.


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