A Moment to Pause…

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If you are a regular to this workshop you can look forward to new yoga flows to help you relax and chill, together with surprise flavours in the indulgent chocolate mediation!

If you have never been before, why not come along for some valuable indulgent self-care that allows you a moment to recharge, calm and re-energise.

A Moment to Pause Yoga Workshop gives you the time and space to relax, leave the busy world outside and focus completely on YOU, with two hours of ‘me’ time that offers you the tools to effectively manage the build-up to Christmas.

A Moment to Pause is designed to help you orient your MIND into the present moment, for some, this is sometimes a very challenging thing to do. We will play with simple focusing movements to guide your attention to your body and your yoga space to enable you to fully concentrate on what you want to do in the present moment.

A Moment to Pause will offer you the time to think about how you want to move your body as you are guided through gentle flowing YOGA shapes that gently stretch and enrich your muscles and help tension to ease away. 

A Moment to Pause will help still the inner chatter of your mind with calming BREATHWORK that you can use on and off the mat to ease yourself into your calming ‘rest and digest’ mode, whilst also offering you the opportunity to learn how to use your breath to ease anxiety and calm your mind. 

A Moment to Pause will culminate with a deliciously decadent version of Laura’s  CHOCOLATE MEDITATION, which will not only tantalise your taste buds, but also offer you a relaxation technique that is highly enjoyable and easy to do (albeit somewhat calorific!)  If you are not a chocolate fan, an alternative taste bud tickler will be available. .


(Please be aware that you need to be able to get up and down off the floor for this workshop.)


Venue:                 Elephant Rooms

Investment:        £25.00

Date:                    Saturday 3rd December 2022

Time:                   10.00am to 12.00pm


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Contact Laura to use the Payment Plan at:    laura@pennyoga.com