I can’t recommend Laura and yoga highly enough to people!!!!

Laura’s classes help me so much and I feel not only more capable and stronger, but calmer.

Jo – Community Care Officer


Friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable instructor

Finally found a yoga class where there’s a friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable instructor who provides individual attention alongside a well-structured class. I have found the class incredibly beneficial as a rider (horses) and aspiring to be sprint triathlete. Must add here that work is still very much in progress on the latter! Now just signed up for my 6th lot of classes; it has given me the confidence to have a go at a new sport, as I feel stronger and fitter than I have done in years (not to mention helping me with my posture and body shape).

Thanks Laura, you’ve certainly shown me “if you don’t use it, you lose it”.

Cara L – Teacher


I can highly recommend Laura for private yoga classes

Laura is a great yoga teacher! The thing that makes her such a brilliant teacher is her ability to plan a class to suit your needs. My past injuries were carefully considered and specific poses were added to the class to help with rehabilitation and to strengthen my shoulders, thus avoiding future injuries. There’s always the opportunity for a challenge in Laura’s classes, but this is done in a fun and safe way. I can highly recommend Laura for private yoga classes and I will be having many more with her in the future. I only wish I could make it to her group classes too.

Vanessa D – Yoga Instructor


Tough, but not too tough!

I’ve been doing Power Flow Yoga with Laura for over a year and she’s got me hooked! Her classes are quite tough although you can always choose a slightly easier or harder option depending on how you feel – but they’re not what you imagine typical yoga to be – they’re not relaxing or meditative. I feel so much more flexible and loose after a session and it has definitely increased my overall flexibility. My only criticism is that she doesn’t do more classes!!

Jacqui F – Soft Furnishing Specialist


Laura never asks you to do anything beyond your limits

I attend the Sunday class at Draycott.  Laura is a very good teacher, friendly and helpful. Her instructions are very clear and she never asks you to do anything beyond your limits. Her class has a good variety of moves, warm ups and a short relaxation at the end. There is a very friendly and pleasant atmosphere and I enjoy it.

Celia F – Retired Lady of Leisure


I really love Laura’s approach to yoga

As a keen runner I really love Laura’s approach to yoga and I have benefited so much from my one-to-one sessions with her over the past year. She is such an encouraging teacher and inspires me to put the effort in to improve my technique and see the results.

Linda R – Director of Business & Innovation


Give Penn Yoga a go. You won’t look back.

I’m a slightly older lady (58) who has worked hard over the last few years to lose weight and regain fitness by running and lifting weights at the gym. Just over a year ago I realised that while I had probably achieve my objectives in terms of weight and fitness I probably now needed to shift focus to include improved flexibility and general wellbeing. I found Laura was teaching a strength yoga at my gym so started to attend weekly, and I have to say it’s now my favourite part of my fitness regime.

I initially had some concerns that I would find it a combination of too gentle (if I’ve gone to the gym I like to feel the virtuous glow of someone who has worked hard) and too hard (I was so inflexible I didn’t think I would be able to perform many of the poses). I was wrong on both counts; I find that most sessions I feel muscles burning, and Laura gives options to allow for all abilities in the class. Over the year I have improved so much I can now choose some of the more challenging options which is great as I can see that I am making progress. I’m much more flexible than I was and feel better too.

So if you are considering taking up yoga but are doubtful if it is for you then take my advice; give Penn Yoga a go. You won’t look back. Classes are fun, challenging and accessible.

Maggie G – Psychology Lecturer