Podcast 5: Vitamin D: Yes, it is really important!

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Laura learns a lot in this episode as Angela explains how vitally important Vitamin D is to everyone, especially at the moment with Covid.

The need to get out in the sun to top your body up with Vitamin D is essential, but can be difficult if you slather yourself and your kids with creamy sun lotion.  Although sun lotion blocks the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays, it’s the UVB rays that we need to make Vitamin D!

This is also an issue for those of us who have darker skins for although the higher pigmentation protects you more from the sun, it is also very effective at blocking Vitamin D. Those of us who live further away from the Equator and don’t enjoy hours of sunshine everyday, should therefore think more about monitoring their Vitamin D levels and take supplements in the winter months.

In relation to Covid, Angela discuss the importance of Vitamin D in supporting our body’s immune system and suggests ways to get your Vitamin D tested, either using an online test, or asking your doctor.

Plenty of helpful tips in this episode to seriously help with your health and well-being.  Why not have a listen?


Angela’s suggestions for Online Vitamin D Tests

Black Country Pathology tests – Vitamin D Tests
Vitamin D Testing Service to the public from our NHS laboratory

Cerascreen – Vitamin D Tests

Vitamin D Blood Test – Check Vitamin D Levels at Home | cerascreen®


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