Podcast 4. Nasal Breathing: Why should I bother?

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Laura and Angela, two, self-confessed mouth breathers, discuss how changing to nose breathing has positively influenced their lives.

Angela tries conscious nose breathing for the first time when out walking the dog, thankfully heeding Laura’s advice to take some tissues!   Laura gives an overview of why it is so important to breathe through your nose, whilst discussing the people who have  influenced her over the last year on her ‘breath’ journey.

They touch on the importance to carbon dioxide in the breathing process and also discuss a simple nose clearing exercise recommended by Patrick McKeown that really does the job. Laura explains that, so she can breathe through her nose 24/7,  she began taping her mouth at night and has vastly improved her quality of sleep.

Want to start improving the your quality of life simply by using your breath more effectively and efficiently?  Have a listen.



If you want to join Angela’s Love Nutrition + Facebook page please find the links below.

Angela’s Facebook – Love Nutrition +

Angela’s Webpage – Love Nutrition


All of Laura’s links to her yoga can be found here:

Webpage :  Penn Yoga

Facebook:  Laura Penn Yoga


Breath techniques and instructions for mouth taping discussed in this episode can be found in the books below:

Patrick McKeown (2015) Oxygen Advantage. Pilatus, London

James Nestor (2020) Breath – The New Science of a Lost Art. Penguin Life

Robin L. Rothenberg (2020) Restoring Prana. Singing Dragon, London


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