Podcast 2:1 – Probiotics and Prebiotics: All you need to know

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Heard about probiotics? Yes, maybe.  What about prebiotics?  No, me neither!

In this podcast Angela explains the difference between the two and focuses on how prebiotics are so very important for good gut health and for our mental health.

We discuss prebiotic foods – asparagus being an excellent prebiotic and in season now – and  the link between prebiotic and mental health.  Angela cites a scientific study which showed that a Mediterranean style diet, which was full of fibre, fruit and vegetables
had a more beneficial effect on the participants mental health then the control group who stuck to their normal diet of low fibre, more sugar and salt and counselling.

Food can make a huge difference to our mental health so maybe take the time to be more aware of what you are putting in your body!

Angela is a qualified nutritionist.  Find her website here