Podcast 2. Is Your Treat Always Sweet?

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Ever thought about replacing your ‘sweet’ treat (yes, that does include alcohol) with something you love doing instead?

Angela suggests changing the way you think about how you reward yourself at the end of the day, so your treat isn’t always full of sugar – hidden or otherwise.

Activities as a reward are an excellent way of making yourself feel better without filling up on sugar. Rewarding yourself with activities you love to do such as reading, cooking or painting, will boost your mental wellbeing as you gain a little ‘me’ time, and if your chosen activities are more physical: walking, running or a Tabata session, then you will benefit physically as well. Plus you can feel a little self righteous.

Angela and I begin the podcast by discussing hidden sugars in food and drinks that you need to be aware of if you are trying to cut down your sugar intake. Angela also gives us some ideas on how to reduce these without cutting them out completely, which is especially important if you want to try and wean your kids (and yourself) off the sugary stuff.

Listen in and enjoy…

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