It’s Valentine’s Day: So Love your body – it’s the only one you’ve got

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Think about it. Do you love your body? All of it? Bits of it?

I have a confession:  I never liked my thighs.  When I was a teenager, a passing comment from someone about a model’s thighs in a magazine not having ‘the gap’ at the top really stuck with me.  I didn’t have ‘the gap’, therefore my thighs were the wrong shape.

Doing yoga has helped me realise that all the bits of your body help you all day, every day.  Take my thighs:  they have helped me run miles; I got married with these thighs, I graduated with these thighs, these thighs help me stand up and sit down every day, they help me totter along with high heels and they help me do yoga poses: Warrior, Crow, Tree.

Yoga allows you that moment to reflect, to contemplate on how hard our body works for you regardless of its shape and size.  Regular yoga practice helps every type of body to become calmer and healthier.  The fact that you chose to do yoga demonstrates a positive choice to keep your body fit and healthy.

In yoga it’s important to understand the when doing a posture, it’s not what it looks like on the outside that counts, it’s what it feels like on the inside.   This is the same with the body: if you look after the inside, the outside practically takes care of itself.

This is not to say that doing one yoga class will produce your version of a ‘perfect you’ (what is perfect anyway?) But with regular practice you begin to realise how the health of your inside has a hugely positive effect on the health of the outside.

Yoga has really helped me to look at my body in a positive light, not a negative one. Look at all the things my thighs have done for me.  They have done all these things, even though they touch at the top, even though I don’t have ‘the gap’! I realise I love my thighs, they are part of me and I love them as they are.

So check out your body.  Find a bit to love. It is Valentine’s Day after all.



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