Love Yoga. Love Nutrition. Love Life!

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New for 2021 is my collaboration with my friend and qualified nutritionist, Angela Attwood from Love Nutrition.

I have known Angela for over 40 years and we share a keen interest in staying fit and healthy. Angela with her interest in nutrition formed her company Love Nutrition, and me with my love of yoga started Penn Yoga.  Collaborating on Love Yoga. Love Nutrition. Love Life! seemed a very natural thing to do.   We will be sharing and discussing our ideas for self-care and wellbeing looking at yoga, healthy recipes, meditation, nutritional advice, breathing, exercise and basically anything healthy!

We will also be having fortnightly video chats discussing ‘all things healthy’.  We will discuss ideas to support your wellbeing, working towards a healthy diet, maybe starting a yoga class, or looking at ideas to help cope with the menopause.  Trying to manage your self-care and looking after yourself in these crazy times is so important, so any ideas or tips that you can take from our collaboration is a huge plus.  Not everything will interest you, but if you can pick up one yoga pose, a breath technique, or find a recipe that you love… that is a step in the right direction.

Our first chat will be on Monday 11th January, when we will be discussing Angela’s Five Healthy Habits, focusing on our relationship with sugar, sleep, hydration, food and appropriate rewards.

If you have any questions about the topic, please feel free to message or email me and I will put them to Angela on Monday.   Join us if you can!

Let’s get healthy and take care of ourselves in 2021!


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