Podcast 5. How Do You Deal with Stress?

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April is Stress Awareness Month, so Angela and Laura decided to share how they have dealt with stress over the past year to maybe give you some ideas that you can try. 

Angela talks how ‘exposure to daylight’ has been so important to her, whilst explaining how our circadian rhythms, which govern our sleep cycle and hormones, can be adversely affected by the hours we keep and working too long and too late on laptops.

Laura talks about her new-found love of cold water immersion.  Firstly, cold water swimming that she discovered back in August, and also how cold water showers have not only kept her body acclimatised to cold water during lockdown so that she is ready to go back in the water, but she also discovered many other positive and unexpected benefits of cold water immersion at home. 

What do you do to help your stress?  Maybe borrow these ideas – luckily they are both free!



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