Finding Your Balance

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Finding your balance can be extremely challenging, and I don’t just mean being able to stand on one foot!

For me, everything is about balance: work and play, hot and cold, highs and lows, but trying to find the right balance  in this fast-paced world that we live in can be really hard.  Too much of one thing and too little of another leads to imbalance, but finding a perfect balance is usually fleeting, as life changes and the scales tip in the other direction, throwing you off balance.

So, being able to balance is not just physical; feeling adrift emotionally and mentally can also affect your equilibrium and result in you feeling a little less in control. Equilibrium is achieved when there is no stress or strain in your body; your mind and body feel calm and at ease.

What do we do to regain our equilibrium?

Yoga philosophy highlights the fact that we often embrace more of what we already have enough of, rather than searching for what may help us regain our balance.  Do you tend to veer towards strong yoga practices all the time, or do you only stick to gentle, slow yoga?  Finding your balance will help you be able to listen to your body and recognise that a quiet, nourishing practice, rather than a strong session of hot yoga may be what you need to help balance a busy, stressful week.  Whilst on the other hand, adding a strong, strengthening practice may benefit your body and mind if your system needs a boost.

The Yoga Sutras provide snippets of wisdom that beautifully weave into the modern world.  Sutra 2.46, which translates as ‘Asana is a steady, comfortable posture’ alludes to this idea of balance using the concept of Sthira and Sukha:

Sthira = steady, stable, strength

Sukha = comfortable, ease, pleasant

Asana = posture

From a modern perspective we can look at this as the balance between effort and ease.  When you make your way into a posture you may find resistance or discomfort either physically or mentally.   When you find Sthira your body will become steady and strong, your mind will be present and alert.

You achieve your balance when you find Sukha in this posture, when you can let go and find ease in your body and mind.  We become present in the moment without the need to do more or push further.

As usual your breath is so important.  If your breathing is steady and relaxed you will have found your balance between effort and ease. Equilibrium is achieved when there is no stress or strain in your body and your mind and body feels calm.

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What you learn in this workshop may also be a helpful lesson that you can take off your mat to help you learn how to bend so you don’t break, how to accept changes that throw you off-balance, how to flow with the ups and downs that come your way… with balance you can find harmony and peace.


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