Control the breath, control the rest

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This is my personal mantra; it’s one that has changed my way of thinking – and reacting – over the past few years. Always quick to fly off the handle, engaging the slow, deep, yogic breath has allowed me to rein in my emotions and give me time to think and consider, before reacting to a situation.

Yoga instructor, Simon Lee, talks of how during our everyday life: at work, at the shops, at the gym, the body is led by the breath. In yoga, we learn that the breath can lead the body. By focusing on slow, deliberate breathing – irrespective of what we are doing – the body is forced to slow down and synchronise with the breath, not only saving energy, but calming, steadying, releasing tension and relaxing the mind and body.

Being able to calm myself down makes me feel more in control. Try it, it really works.


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