Chair Yoga … starting Monday 12th July

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Do you want to exercise, but have difficulties with your balance, your knees, or maybe you are recovering from an injury?

Why not try Gentle Chair Yoga?

Gentle Chair Yoga is an exercise class that uses a chair as a prop to support the body.  It is for those wanting to experience the health benefits of a gentle, relaxing form of yoga, particularly mature people, individuals rehabilitating after injury or illness, or those new to exercise.

The class is open to everyone : ladies and gents, all ages, all levels of mobility.  The aim of the class is to gently move every area of the body, from the head to the toes.  Keeping the muscles and joints moving and flexible is essential to maintain a healthy body and allow for better mobility.  The toes and feet need to be exercised as they act as our foundations and roots, and gently exercising them helps with more comfortable walking, standing, balancing and general movement.  Gentle leg exercises strengthen the leg muscles, whilst twists keep the body mobile and strong, helping you to do movements like looking over your shoulder when driving to check for oncoming cars.  Pretty essential really!

Regardless of our age and gender, our minds are still busy and full of chatter and it is important to learn ways to help you to clear and rest the mind.  The end of the class will focus on various simple meditation and breathing techniques that you can replicate at home to allow the mind to calm, the breath to slow, and the body to relax.

OK, that may sound a bit serious, but I can assure you the classes are fun, relaxing and very social. An hour of exercise that improves both your physical and mental well-being:  What’s not to like!

What do you wear?  Any clothes that allow you to move the body in comfort.  Trousers for ladies would probably be more comfortable, but are not essential. 

Come along and give it a go, no booking required, you drop in whenever you are free. For more information or queries, please email me through my contacts page.


START DATE:  The first session is on Monday 10th July 2017

TIME: 9.30am – 10.30am

VENUE:  Methodist Church Hall, 2 Derwent Street, Draycott, DE72 3NF

INVESTMENT:  £6.00 a Session (£5.00 for OAPs)

Please note that you must have your doctor’s permission to begin exercise if you are recovering from illness or injury.



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