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Relieving Anxiety & Stress – Taking Back Control

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This relieving anxiety & stress workshop aims to help you bring an equilibrium, steadiness and balance back to your life. We may all feel anxious or stressed sometimes in our lives; perhaps you have suffered a trauma, are trying to cope with grief, or have found the last few years simply overwhelming. Sometimes the prospect […]

Podcast 4. Nasal Breathing: Why should I bother?

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Laura and Angela, two, self-confessed mouth breathers, discuss how changing to nose breathing has positively influenced their lives. Angela tries conscious nose breathing for the first time when out walking the dog, thankfully heeding Laura’s advice to take some tissues!   Laura gives an overview of why it is so important to breathe through your […]

Breathe Yourself Better

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Did you know that learning to control your breath is key to good health and mental wellbeing? Ancient yogis knew about the power of the breath – if you slow your breath, you calm your body and the chatter in your mind. Is this ancient knowledge still relevant today? Absolutely! In this world of anxiety […]

Control the breath, control the rest

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This is my personal mantra; it’s one that has changed my way of thinking – and reacting – over the past few years. Always quick to fly off the handle, engaging the slow, deep, yogic breath has allowed me to rein in my emotions and give me time to think and consider, before reacting to […]


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