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Relieving Anxiety & Stress – Taking Back Control

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This relieving anxiety & stress workshop aims to help you bring an equilibrium, steadiness and balance back to your life. We may all feel anxious or stressed sometimes in our lives; perhaps you have suffered a trauma, are trying to cope with grief, or have found the last few years simply overwhelming. Sometimes the prospect […]

Podcast 5: Vitamin D: Yes, it is really important!

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Laura learns a lot in this episode as Angela explains how vitally important Vitamin D is to everyone, especially at the moment with Covid. The need to get out in the sun to top your body up with Vitamin D is essential, but can be difficult if you slather yourself and your kids with creamy […]

Podcast 1: Sugar! What’s Not to Love?

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Join two old friends; Laura the yoga teacher from Penn Yoga and Angela the nutritionist from Love Nutrition, discussing all things healthy. In this podcast series we are starting to look at ‘Healthy Habits’, which focuses on our relationship with: Sugar, Sleep, Hydration, Food and finally, Appropriate Rewards. Today we will be talking generally about […]

Chair Yoga … starting Monday 12th July

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Do you want to exercise, but have difficulties with your balance, your knees, or maybe you are recovering from an injury? Why not try Gentle Chair Yoga? Gentle Chair Yoga is an exercise class that uses a chair as a prop to support the body.  It is for those wanting to experience the health benefits […]

The Importance of Balance

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Yoga Helps to Balance the Body and Mind I think in today’s busy world, balance is key.  Balance work with play, activity with rest; have a balanced diet.  Balance is not all about learning to balance on one leg (although that can really help with your focus and concentration), it’s more encompassing.  However, trying to achieve […]


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