Podcast 2:1 – Probiotics and Prebiotics: All you need to know

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Heard about probiotics? Yes, maybe.  What about prebiotics?  No, me neither! In this podcast Angela explains the difference between the two and focuses on how prebiotics are so very important for good gut health and for our mental health. We discuss prebiotic foods – asparagus being an excellent prebiotic and in season now – and  […]

Podcast 5. How Do You Deal with Stress?

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DON’T STRESS IT! April is Stress Awareness Month, so Angela and Laura decided to share how they have dealt with stress over the past year to maybe give you some ideas that you can try.  Angela talks how ‘exposure to daylight’ has been so important to her, whilst explaining how our circadian rhythms, which govern […]

Podcast 5: Vitamin D: Yes, it is really important!

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Laura learns a lot in this episode as Angela explains how vitally important Vitamin D is to everyone, especially at the moment with Covid. The need to get out in the sun to top your body up with Vitamin D is essential, but can be difficult if you slather yourself and your kids with creamy […]

Podcast 4. Nasal Breathing: Why should I bother?

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Laura and Angela, two, self-confessed mouth breathers, discuss how changing to nose breathing has positively influenced their lives. Angela tries conscious nose breathing for the first time when out walking the dog, thankfully heeding Laura’s advice to take some tissues!   Laura gives an overview of why it is so important to breathe through your […]

Podcast 3: I’m Not Flexible Enough to do Yoga!

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Think you’re not flexible enough to do yoga?  Oh yes you are!  Learning to be more flexible is one of the reasons people go to a yoga class; you don’t have to be flexible to begin with.   You also don’t need to know how to do the poses, or how to do different breath […]

Podcast 2. Is Your Treat Always Sweet?

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Ever thought about replacing your ‘sweet’ treat (yes, that does include alcohol) with something you love doing instead? Angela suggests changing the way you think about how you reward yourself at the end of the day, so your treat isn’t always full of sugar – hidden or otherwise. Activities as a reward are an excellent […]

Podcast 1: Sugar! What’s Not to Love?

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Join two old friends; Laura the yoga teacher from Penn Yoga and Angela the nutritionist from Love Nutrition, discussing all things healthy. In this podcast series we are starting to look at ‘Healthy Habits’, which focuses on our relationship with: Sugar, Sleep, Hydration, Food and finally, Appropriate Rewards. Today we will be talking generally about […]

Love Yoga. Love Nutrition. Love Life!

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LOVE YOGA. LOVE NUTRITION. LOVE LIFE! New for 2021 is my collaboration with my friend and qualified nutritionist, Angela Attwood from Love Nutrition. I have known Angela for over 40 years and we share a keen interest in staying fit and healthy. Angela with her interest in nutrition formed her company Love Nutrition, and me […]


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