Breathe Yourself Better: Do you exercise your Diaphragm?

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So welcome to Breathe Yourself Better.  This short and sweet series gives you bitesize chunks of information about all things to do with breathing. This week we are focusing on that hugely important muscle that nobody really thinks much about:  Your diaphragm. The diaphragm is our primary breathing muscle and rises and falls approximately 50,000 […]

Breathe Yourself Better: The Importance of Posture

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The Importance of Posture when you Breath This short and sweet series breaks down the topic of breathing into small bite-sized chunks. This week we are focusing on the importance of posture during our breathing practice.   The wrong position of your upper body and rib cage can shorten your breath, which restricts your breathing and […]

Breathe Yourself Better

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Did you know that learning to control your breath is key to good health and mental wellbeing? Ancient yogis knew about the power of the breath – if you slow your breath, you calm your body and the chatter in your mind. Is this ancient knowledge still relevant today? Absolutely! In this world of anxiety […]


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