The Importance of Balance

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Yoga Helps to Balance the Body and Mind

I think in today’s busy world, balance is key.  Balance work with play, activity with rest; have a balanced diet.  Balance is not all about learning to balance on one leg (although that can really help with your focus and concentration), it’s more encompassing.  However, trying to achieve a balanced life is very difficult.  Perhaps you can use yoga to help start trying to balance your mind and body: You have to start somewhere.  Trying to commit to an hour of yoga a day may be too much: little and often is the key; maybe only 5 or 10 minutes a day to start and fit your practice in when you can.

Balance Strength with Flexibility: the Body Needs Both

In yoga, flexibility helps to protect your muscles and joints from injury, whilst strength helps control and support your flexibility.

Make as many modifications as you want in your yoga practice to protect your body and work to your own individual needs. If your leg won’t straighten, so what! Let it bend. With dedicated, regular practice you will see both your strength and flexibility improve: both on and off the mat.

Building a balance of both strength and flexibility takes time and patience, but it’s worth it in the end.




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